Friday, 1 May 2015

April 2015

The year rolls on... April has felt fairly eventful, in a good way, I think.

I’m still bouldering but I’m becoming a little disheartened by my lack of progress/weakness/fear. This was a good day though.

We made a an election colour themed pizza for the first big debate. It was delicious.

Good Friday was good. A day off work spent in the company of wonderful friends.
(I'm really enjoying these greyscale Tombow brush pens...)

I mean, really. People are actually thinking of voting for this fool?

I was feeling happy so I decided to draw my smile… Took a reference picture and was like ‘hm, bit wonky, let’s try again’… took another one… still wonky. Hold on, is my smile wonky ALL THE TIME?! Has it ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS? How have I NEVER NOTICED?!

Lovely phone catchup with an old friend.

So there’s a new lady working at the Western Road Iydea, and it’s got to the point where I actively avoid being served by her if I can because she fills the box so carelessly and inefficiently, and slops stuff over the edges and I know this is a very minor problem in the grand scheme of all the horrible stuff that’s going on in the world which is why I’m not going to complain. I’m just going to avoid her.

So for a while there I got REALLY EXCITED about Snapchat. I’m a bit less excited now mostly because I need more snapchat friends. Do you want to be my snapchat friend? I’m undividual on there, as everywhere.

Finally did some gardening. Still need to do a lot more gardening.

Practicing my hand typography…

At a certain point every year, my dreams start mostly revolving around page layouts. It’s usually around June/July. On the bright side, this does probably mean we’re being spectacularly efficient and getting all the hard work done early… perhaps…

My very talented friend made a great point and click adventure game for this year’s Game Jam. It’s called Spotney. He got an insane amount done in the two week deadline and the finished game is lots of fun. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic gay bar in a world populated by cat people.
This relates to an ongoing discussion between us about optimum use of onomatopoeia (which he sadly didn’t have time to implement in Spotney). DJAMB is the sound of a pirate airship unexpectedly appearing out of nowhere.

I was feeling a bit low, and sometimes cutting my hair is an easy (although risky) temporary fix. Turns out a too-long fringe can really get a girl down.

Went to see Daedelus at Birthdays. The man is both lovely AND a genius. A rare combination.

 Then I went to Pick Me Up. Got really excited about risograph machines, as I do every year.

Jess bought some watermelon round. We ate it and got sticky watermelon juice everywhere.

And... that's enough for this month. May is on the horizon. There was a bit more April, but I need to keep that a secret for now. CLIFFHANGER! (No, I'm not pregnant)

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