Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Work work

I've been doing some fun stuff at work recently.

I work for a group of international colleges (teaching foreign students English), and one of our English teachers at our London colleges has been writing a series of blogs about slang, idioms and suchlike. I've been creating illustrations for these articles, a portrait 'thumbnail' with explanatory words, and a main landscape image without the words to display on the article page. It's been fun.

Food metaphors 

Beauty metaphors

Compliments and insults

Register (Formal/Informal)

Words for when you can't think of the word (yet to be published)

Weather related idioms

Body metaphors

They've also been doing a 'word of the week' feature on the Facebook page, where various members of staff pick their favourite word and I illustrate it.
Here are a few!

I picked bottom. Obvs.

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