Friday, 27 June 2014


So my friend Naomi posted one of those ‘let’s get more X on Facebook’ memes where they share a link to a relevant thing beginning with a particular letter (the main one I’ve seen in the past is art), and if you like their status, they give you a letter in return, so you can share a thing beginning with that letter on your wall.

Well anyway, the one today was for music, and although I usually try and avoid these things, I thought ‘sweet, I’ve been listening to loads of amazing new music recently, this could be a fun way to share it’. But what letter did I get? E! The letter in my music collection with possibly the fewest artists. Grump!

Well anyway, I’m not one to break an internet chain commitment promise (goodness knows what curses would rain down on me if I did), so I’m going to try and make the best of it with a blog.

Now Naomi insisted that it has to be an artist, but I’m totally going to cheat later on.

First though… Artists beginning with ‘E’.

Now I’ll admit, I think El Guincho are a bit of a one hit wonder, but what a hit that was, and with one of my favourite videos of all time to accompany it.

There's also the Emperor Machine, probably the E artist in my music collection with most listens, but mostly just because I had this one song on repeat for much of summer 2008.

Finally Errors. Who I know next to nothing about and have been meaning to look into more for ages. The only reason I own this one (quite good) song by them is because a boy from OK Cupid once gave me a mix CD with it on. (It was such a good mix CD that it actually made me want to kiss him, but sadly that never came to pass)

But anyway. Let's get to the good stuff now, huh?
Albums beginning with E. Because there ARE some good ones of these.

First up, HOT OFF THE PRESS, Taylor McFerrin's absolutely gorgeous debut release, 'Early Riser', which I think was delivered just last Saturday. Dare I say it, already an all time classic for me? I was wound in by hearing the beautiful 'Stepps' on Gilles Peterson's Saturday show, and ordered it expecting more sublime instrumental electronica, but it's oh-so-much more than that.

It's so new I can't find any links for you to go listen to it. But you really should. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Next up, the incredible 'Ex-Aquarium' by Kelpe. I'm not particularly good at writing about or describing music, but if you're into beautifully produced, vaguely sinister, underwater themed electronica, this is the album for you.

A highlight (it builds into something quite beautiful):

Next up, good old Prefuse 73 with his 29 TRACK ALBUM: 'Everything she touched turned Ampexian'. Don't be intimidated. They're all like a minute long and are just delightful snippets of weird. 'Natures's Uplifting Revenge' is basically how I feel whenever caffeine enters my system. Kind of glitchy and nauseous and frantic and terrified and uplifted.

And finally on the albums front, possibly my favourite album by one of my favourite artists, Daedelus' 'Exquisite Corpse' from back in 2005 I think. If you're not aware of Daedelus work I'd encourage you to have a listen to his most recent album 'Drown Out', and work back from there.
I didn't listen to his music for a very long time after I first heard of him, because although I figured I'd probably like him, I was intimidated by his vast body of work (the man is insanely prolific, I think he's released like 13 or 14 albums and he isn't even 40)
I was finally prompted to get around to it when me and Alex got to meet him in the flesh, and he is just THE LOVELIEST MAN, and his live show transcends possibly any other I've ever seen.

Last of all, let's have a song, eh? The wonderful Todd Terje's 'Eurodans', followed by the EVEN BETTER New Mondjalen Disco Swingers cover. (Seriously, if you've hated everything else I've posted here, give that last one a go. If it doesn't make you want to dance even a little, I'll still like you, but I will wonder if you have a soul.)

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