Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Black Valentines

There's a sinking feeling when someone you've never met before comes over and says 'So uh... I hear you're a graphic designer... [proceeds to ask you to work for free on something super boring and time consuming with a deadline of tomorrow]'

But then occasionally that sinking feeling is completely wiped out when that person says 'Do you think you could design me a DIY-looking flyer for a queer anti-valentines party at a squat in Switzerland?'

Um, hell yes.

I'm really pleased they like my effort and it's winging its way to a printers in Switzerland as we speak.

This sounds like a bangin' party you guys. If you're going to be in Z├╝rich late Feb, you should probably head over here. Their website is all in German, but it looks like a great place.

Anything to fight against the nasty capitalist monstrosity that is valentines day, amirite you guys? Ugh.

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