Friday, 1 March 2013

A diary, February

Well, I haven't given up yet.
Another month of every day visual diary, and although I'm not sure I see any technical improvements, I reckon that I'm definitely thinking more about things and how to represent things, and hopefully over time that will contribute to general better creativity all round.

Anyway, here are a few of the less terrible ones.

Alex's mum isn't very well. It's been a difficult few weeks.

Yep. Totally sewed on a zip for the first time.

Alex went away to Leeds for the weekend. I did miss him a bit but I went and played loads of Carcassone with my housemate and some friends and it was GREAT.

I also made beetroot cakes. They were... interesting?

Me and my senior designer went back to my old uni to review work produced for live brief we'd set some second year students. I had been terrified that they'd all be utterly amazing and I'd feel inferior, but despite being very good, they were no better than I was 4 years ago. And I'd say I'm definitely 4 years better than them. Which relieved me. Which is probably a horrible thing to think. But I have no shame. In the spirit of this, I did some hand-drawn type, which is what I spent a greater part of my first year at uni trying and failing to master. Still failing.

It's not really as gorgeous as I hoped it would be. I have regrets about my fabric choice. Still quite pleased with myself though.

We went to Torquay to see Alex's parents. I really like it there. Difficult trip in some ways but in other ways it was nice to get out of Brighton for a bit. This is their beautiful kitchen.

This didn't scan well because I did it in really light pencil. But I wanted to put it up here because I was quite pleased with myself for getting the perspective so good.
I ate a lot of potato products that day.

I have these days every so often. Maybe two or three times a year. I get really terrified and shaky and anxious for no good reason and everything feels horrible and I wonder if anything will ever be ok ever again... and then I go to sleep and wake up feeling fine. There's always a lingering dread in the pit of my stomach for a few days afterwards though.


It's not been the easiest of times. Alex's turn for a sad day. (He is ok now)

Went to some art. It was really cold outside and I think I should probably have just stayed in my house.

Gosh, reflecting back on those pages it seems like quite a miserable month in some ways, doesn't it? Despite that impression I'd say it's been pretty good. Maybe I just do my best art when I've had a slightly difficult day.

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