Friday, 31 August 2012

Tapir Birthday

If there's one thing Chris likes, it's Tapirs.
(There are actually lots of things Chris likes. Seals, political slash fiction, Agatha Christie, faking wikipedia facts, giving Alex ridiculous Unstruck questions, assuming multiple identities and shouting about swans being just some of them)

Me and Alex had grander plans for his birthday, but as it often the case with these things, it all got a bit last minute, and I ended up spending a lunchbreak creating an alphabet out of tapir parts.

 "Create tapir alphabet" is actually something which has been on my to-do list quite a while. Chris promised me that if I create the entire alphabet, he will create a rhyming couplet for each letter. This is but a teaser for the full version, which I will hopefully one day create.

Anyway, here's the birthday card in the hand of the birthday boy!

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