Sunday, 18 December 2011

OK Stupid

Anyone who reads this blog semi-regularly will be aware of my contributions to Alex's Unstruck project. Every day, he gets asked a question, answers it in under 500 words, and then an illustrator illustrates that answer. I do a weekly illustration for him, but unusually this week I was also asking the questions.

Alex answered the questions in a random order so I wouldn't know which one I was going to get to illustrate. I reckon I got one of the most difficult, but then I always think that.

In the end I quite enjoyed it though. Here it is...

As some of you may know, I've been on OK Cupid for quite a white. That 'quite a while' kind of says it all - it's clearly not proved successful at it's intended purpose, and to be honest, I don't ever expect it to be. All I know is, going on dates with complete strangers from the internet is a very special kind of scary fun, and I've enjoyed the whole experience a lot.

I've also, strangely, enjoyed all the inevitable not so fun bits... Creepy messages propositioning marriage and 'make many babies together', 5 star ratings from thoroughly strange/disturbing men, and some charmingly awkward meetings of not-very-like minds.

So I decided to create some kind of summary of my (and presumably, most other people's) experiences on OK Cupid, and this is it. Click to embiggen.

Oh, and if you're a charming man who thinks we might get along, let's go on a date! :)

(I don't consider this one of my finer graphic design/illustration/artistic moments. But it was fun. So I'm sharing it here...)

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Destro7000 said...

hi Emma.

Haha, well you know I'm on OKC too, but all of my time is spent there going down the route in your diagram that says "Send Message -> be ignored -> retry"

I'm pretty certain that it's all the girls getting attention on that site. Lucky for you you got talked to!

There was only 1 'success' for me on there, if you can call it that.
Last year one girl actually *messaged me* which was surprising, seeing as she's the Only One who did.
We got talking on MSN and shared some interests, and she persuaded me into a meet-up in Plymouth. We did, and had a walk around town and into comic/bookstores, on a windy cold day, me being my awkward nervous self.

After that day we talked more on MSN and she started randomly mentioning how she'd had sex with a stranger at 2 random parties and he was now her boyfriend.

I cut contact after that because basically...what the hell? You get my drift!

Hope you had some more interesting meets than my singular event!

-Tom (Destro)