Monday, 14 November 2011

Quiet time

Here's something I've been meaning to do for a while...
I go to church, and have been going to this particular church for a few years. It's a beautiful building, and every Wednesday it's open for the general public to go in and have a look. Importantly (to me, anyway), there's no pressure from whoever is supervising the church - it's not a evangelical 'COME JOIN US!' sort of atmosphere - it's just a friendly welcome for whatever that person might need... Be that prayer, quiet time for thought, or just a place away from the rush of the city centre for a few minutes.

There's been talk for a while about getting an A-board to stand outside, so that people know the church is open. Now, let's be honest... churches are not renowned for their amazing graphic design. In fairness, my church does a fairly good job as keeping things simple and understated, so I'm not about to storm in there and start insisting we use Helvetica for all the orders of service.

But I thought it might be a nice thing to design a big, bold message for the A-board. I don't expect this will be used. And even if they are interested, I will probably work on something more than this. This is a first draft, I guess.

I've done two colour schemes, and I'm not sure which is most appropriate, although I definitely prefer the second one :)

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