Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Well, I did these this morning at work for a project it turns out we're not going to do any more. So I can share them with you here. Some vector portraits.
I initially produce them in black and white because it makes the process easier for my little brain, but I've also included the cyan versions I did later. Click to view big for extra-super-mega-ultra detail.

10 points* if you know who they both are. A further 10 points if you can guess how they're connected and why I drew them.

*points not redeemable for anything. Haha :)


Lucy said...

WOW. These are really good!! I am especially impressed because I have actually TRIED to draw things with vectors and it is VERY DIFFICULT.
I am now going to display my ignorance by admitting that I have no idea who these guys actually are. I thought the first one was Obama on first glance. Shame.

Emma said...

Hey thanks! :)
I worry that people think I've just used some filter to create them, because that's totally not the case, and they take aaaages! Glad you appreciate the vector skillz involved :D

The first one is Arnie, the second one is Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary general (wouldn't really have expected anyone to get that :D)