Thursday, 9 June 2011

LA local campaign

So, here's another little project I can show you...

Our college in LA wanted some local marketing materials, (posters, flyers etc), to be distributed in other areas of Los Angeles. Generally our marketing materials tend to revolve around bright, aspirational photography, but unusually, these were requested in black and white. Also, one of the great selling points of this college is it's incredible location, just off sunset boulevard, and only minutes walk from the 'Walk of Fame', and other central Hollywood attractions. This is an especially strong marketing point for people who already live in LA, as they'll know exactly where this is, and how great a location it is.

So we decided not to use photographs, like we usually would, and instead to work on a design which would centre around a map.

I LOVE maps, and very much enjoyed creating this isometric representation of the streets surrounding the college. We also used a recreation of Google's - now iconic - place marker, to show just where the college is

Here are some early layouts...

Ultimately, these were printed off on coloured paper, so that - despite saving on print costs - they still stand out on a wall of other black and white ads and posters. This bright colour, combined with the hard lines of the map and the bold text created something pretty effective.

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