Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Another Unstruck illustration for Alex...
This time, the question is: 'If misery loves company, what does happiness love?'

The Unstruck project is a collaboration between questioner, writer and illustrator. Alex gets 7 questions a week - one each morning, and half an hour to write an answer for each. He then hands his answer over to an illustrator who has half an hour to produce an illustration. It's an exercise in speed and generally squeezing out some creativity - for him, on a daily basis, for me, occasionally, when I volunteer, or am asked.

This one wasn't so easy. I think it's a lovely piece, and of course, happiness is a beautiful thing, but how to illustrate that? Decided to take the somewhat easy option and go for a typographic piece, based on the text of the article, and the idea of what 'happiness loves'...

Alex says he'd like it on a t-shirt. Which is definitely a compliment.

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