Thursday, 3 March 2011

An outrageous amount of fun, for a Tuesday.

I've been a little bit slow writing this one up, I do apologise.
I'd say it's because I'm still so overwhelmed from the ridiculously fun night I had on Tuesday, but in truth it's probably just because I've been a bit lazy.

But no longer! I definitely think this was a blogworthy night, as it was both creative and social, and those are things which I strive for, in life, and in blogging.

The event was 'Drinkydoodle', at the cosy green glowing Northern Lights pub.

Basically it's an event put on by two Brighton based illustrators, and involves a room full of people completing entertaining and unusual drawing tasks, whilst drinking. Oh, and the drawing tasks are usually timed, which is always a good thing. Generally everyone from the most incredible professional illustrator to someone with no drawing skill whatsoever will descend to the same level of crude scrawling and shouting when under time pressure.

I think of it as 'the pictionary law'.

Anyway, things kicked off with picking a random word out of a hat. I got Australia...

For clarification purposes, top right, that's a cane toad being stabbed in the back. And bottom right is a fence running through an arid desert. The rest should be self explanatory. (!)

The next task was a still life task. We were all given an object to draw... and two minutes to draw it in. We got this NES. Nice.

Following this was a good old fashioned game of exquisite corpse. Seriously, it never gets old. LOLs all round.

Following this, a slightly less traditional task... in groups, drawing characters from scenes in films. My group of three got The Big Lebowski, which I'm ashamed to admit I've never seen... It was generally considered that I got a pretty good likeness of that guy on the right though.

The introduction to our next task threw me slightly - we were told to draw 'the world!'... I thought this was meant in some kind of creative, interpretive, metaphorical way, but actually we just had to draw the most accurate map of the world we could, from memory.

I don't think I did too badly...

Although I also respected my friend Alex's efforts...

The following task was fairly straightforward... Pick a scrabble letter and draw as many things as you can beginning with that letter. I was pleased that I managed to fill my sheet of paper within the time limit! It was commented upon over the course of the night that I was very orderly with my layouts - most other people were generally layering and mingling their drawings a lot more. What can I say, it's the graphic designer in me...

After this, another quick 'pick some words out of the hat' round, where I got 'your mum and dad'. I'm quite pleased with this drawing, my mum and dad basically look EXACTLY like this:

To finish the night, it was time for a bit of life drawing.
But in the context of drinky doodle, this doesn't mean nudity, it means drawing scenes from 'That's Life' magazine. AMAZING.

We got this delight.

"I BLEW UP MY FACE AND SURVIVED". Also, that caption down the bottom that got cut off says 'I'm so sorry mum', and that's a picture of his mum.
Oh dear oh dear.

The next Drinky Doodle will be at Jam on April 12th, and if it's even half as good as this one, I will feel I've got my money's worth.
Well, I say 'got my money's worth', but actually it was free, so basically a win-win situation all round!

So much fun.

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