Friday, 25 February 2011

Back to the drawing board...

Today was a bit of a creative struggle.

I don't know, some days, nothing seems to work. I've sure everyone has experienced this at one time or another. I'm asked to perform relatively simple and enjoyable design tasks and everything just looks rubbish. I blankly stare at the screen, hopelessly willing the type to magically make itself look good. Needless to say, that doesn't happen.

Added to that, every so often 'the grey curtain of doom' (Mac equivalent of 'blue screen of death') has been descending...

Oh dear.
So yes, spent the morning stuck in a bit of a rut, until one of my work colleagues suggested I get out a pen and paper and actually do some illustration.
This was nice.

The task was to represent some British stuff. Fairly vague, although I knew the context in which it would be used, which helped.
So I did this drawing...

Besides jazzing up my desk space a bit, I scanned it in...

And coloured it up.

I can't really show you the final application for it, but thought this bit might be interesting to see. I feel a lot better now. Hopefully come Monday I'll feel completely creatively refreshed and I'll be able to make typography work again!

After doing this drawing I rewarded myself with a greek feta salad sandwich from Waitrose, and it might have been the best shop bought sandwich I have ever experienced.

Thought you should all know.

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