Saturday, 12 June 2010

This is what I am doing now.

Well, other than my library posts, I feel I've been a little sparse on the blogging front recently.
Which is bad really, because actually I've been quite busy, but busy with things I either can't talk about (ooh-er!), or busy with things that don't really have visible results to show.

Anyway... yesterday I ceased being a student for good, and in 6 days time, I shall become Emma Charleston BA (Hons). It's all quite strange really.
We took our degree show down yesterday too, which was a bit sad, but alright, because we're having another one in London in a month. You should probably come and see it, it's on at the Rochelle School between July 9th - 12th

Here's a sneaky tease of my work!

Anyway, that's something to be looking forwards to, but in the mean time... I'm on the look out for things to keep me busy and earn me money... and fortunately, I'm having some success on both fronts.

My main work at the moment is for an IT company in Brighton. This is what I can't talk about. All I think I can say is that it involves... *whispers* iphone apps... ooh-er!
It's freelance at the moment, although I'm hoping to get an internship with them for a month too.

I'm also doing some work for the 405 again, they're lovely people, so you should really head on over there...

In September I have an internship with World of Interiors Magazine, which I am VERY excited about! Like last summer with 3 Fish in a Tree, it will mean a month of commuting up to London, but as it was last summer, it'll be totally worth it.

In other projects, about a month back I met the amazing Reggie Watts. It was delightful, we drank tea and talked till 2am, I learnt the meaning of 'To Welsh on a bet', and now like Stereolab. He was nice enough to look at my work, and was also nice enough to suggest I might be able to do some artwork for an EP he's thinking of putting out. Chances are it will come to nothing, but I'd absolutely love to do this, so I'm pondering on various different ideas.
One of which is this.

I really like the idea of making one of these only CD sized (120x120), so as opposed to a normal leaflet, you'd have this delightful folding contraption. He did happen to say that it might be a digital release only, which would basically render this plan pointless... buuuuut, I've enjoyed learning how to make it, and it could come in useful for another project anyway.

So yes... I am busy.
It does feel slightly strange because every other year in my life since I was 4, I've been looking forwards to the summer holidays at this stage of the year. But to be honest, I can't bear the thought of just lounging around for a couple of months, waiting for the world to come to me. The way things are at the moment, if I want to make a success of myself, I'm really going to have to throw myself into as many projects as I can handle, and hope for the best!

Come October when my placement finishes, I might find myself with an empty diary. If that's the case, then I'll relax then. Now, I'm just happy to be occupied, and occupied with the kind of work that I love.
Roll on future!

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p.s everything your doing sounds really exciting!