Sunday, 9 May 2010

I want your thoughts...

Well, in just over a week... It'll be time to start setting up my degree show.
So... basically that's choosing work which I want to show my family, friends, potential employers, and the general public. Oh and also that will help me pass my degree.
It's quite a daunting prospect.

I've kind of made the decision that I want to include some photography.
Little bit of a reminisce here, but bear with me... I remember on boxing day 2002, my family and I went for a walk to a nature reserve not far from our home. For christmas we'd got a family digital camera. Until then, photography for me had been a thing saved for special occasions. Group family photos, birthdays etc.
Anyway, I took a picture, and I thought it was quite good. So, I joined DeviantArt, put it on there, and a couple of other people immediately said they thought it was quite good too.
You can see it here

Looking at it 8 years on, of course, I think it's a pretty mediocre photo. Poorly composed, dull subject matter... But at the time I was EXCITED, and commandeered the family camera and took lots more similar photos. I got bored of landscapes pretty soon... I know landscapes are ever changing, beautiful, and pretty much infinite, but I realised I was more interested in urban photography, surface texture, and that's basically what my photography has been ever since.

I don't kid myself that I'm any kind of good photographer... technical stuff is a mystery to me, focal length, exposure times, white balance... I know all the words, but not how to actually make them do what they're meant to do, and my limited adventures in film photography - while occasionally successful - have mainly consisted of money wasting over exposures, under exposures, or just blank film.
Now I just take pictures of things I like, and enjoy doing it.

So yeah, I've decided that I'd quite like to include some black and white photography in my exhibition. One of my tutors suggested it, and ever since then I've been considering what I'd like to put in.

Normally, I'd show these around the studio and see what people think... but we don't have a studio any more, so I'm going to show you all on the internet. I'd like to put somewhere between 6 and 10 up, so I want them to work well together.

Let me know which numbers you like, if any :)

















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