Thursday, 6 August 2009

Things I have learnt in the last four weeks...

...Whilst on work experience:
1. How to colour up greyscale images in Indesign
2. Alt + Cmd + C
3. The importance of colour profiles (although not yet how to use them)
4. How to create custom gradients in Illustrator
5. How to set up PDFs to go for printing
6. How to use layers in Indesign and Illustrator
7. How to set up an image for varnishing/spot colours
8. Not to scalpel all the way to the edges when trimming down an image. You lose the crop marks, although this was blindingly obvious before, I only just had it pointed out to me.
9. How to set up an isometric grid in illustrator
10. Cmd + and Cmd -
11. How to make things exact specific heights in Indesign and Illustrator
12. The joys of 'multiply' and other effects
13. Cmd + z, cmd + z, cmd +z, cmd + z (And so on, into infinity)
14. That it's really a good idea to print crop marks
15. That I don't get travel sick if I sit on the floor of the train
16. How to organise and name files sensibly
17. How to move groups of anchor points in lines drawn with the pen tool
18. That answering phones is fun, and I enjoy using my 'efficient' voice
19. That clients can be incredibly fussy but you can usually meet their demands without losing all of your own creativity
20. The white arrow is confusing, but it is your friend.

Plus much more, I just hope all this stuff stays in my brain and that I can put it to good use!
I've produced some work I'm really proud of, and I hope to post some of it soon, but I'm still waiting to make sure I can.
It's my last day tomorrow, and it's been a tiring but amazing four weeks.

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