Friday, 31 July 2009

3 Fish in a Tree

So, I'm just finishing my third week out of four on my placement with the excellent '3 Fish in a Tree'... I've not really been able to post any work, because most of what I've done has been CONFIDENTIAL... which makes it sound really exciting, but although it's been fun, it's not been that exciting... it's mainly just complex legal small print that means I can't share it. Which disappoints me, because most of the time I've been working on something I'm really pleased with, which hopefully I'll be able to show sometime in the future, but NOT YET.

As it is, here are some things I CAN show you, because the ideas weren't ultimately used (Although the client did like them), but I CAN'T tell you what they're all about. Oh well, enjoy the orangey goodness I guess...

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