Thursday, 14 May 2009

World saving machines.

These are some ideas, crudely collaged together with stock photos, which I will later draw, with added detail and goodness.
This is a car, but you can cycle it! All the comfort of a normal car, all the environmental benefits of cycling! Yay!
This is a personal electricity generator: solar and wind power combine in the energy generation backpack, and then electricity is pumped out to power whatever device you might require. (Outdoor use only)

Another way of nurturing new tree growth to cancel out your carbon footprint.

More detail will be added into the rucksack, but basically, you throw your rubbish into the top of the rucksack (There will be some sort of chute) inside the rucksack it's processed and recycled, and then out into the basket at the back, there will appear some useful recycled products. At the end of the day you'll have a whole load of cool new stuff, based on all the litter you've put in over the course of your day!

I'm starting to wish I still had an illustrator working with me on this stuff!


Kitto said...

If you can pay my rent for me, I'll gladly accept!

Loving your posts, please keep up the good work!

lonely_orange said...

I'd love to pay your rent... but paying my own is enough of an effort!
I really wanted my friend Lyall ( to help, because as you'll see on his blog, he does the most amazing epic machinery style drawings... but we've all been led astray into producing a film trailer sort of thing...

I can imagine you'd be able to do this project justice as well, I love all your machinery kind of things!
What are you up to with your life now, anyway? x