Saturday, 11 April 2009

Self Promotion...

So, the time has come where I need to think about how I'm going to make myself known in the big wide world. I'm in the process of setting up (Who knew setting up a website was so complex? And I've got a magical internet pixie doing most of the work for me!)
I also want some print based promotion.
My idea arrived yesterday... I'd always been keen on the idea of producing postcards to send out... but there were various problems...
1) Everyone does it. How are mine going to be different?
2) I really don't actually have that much work that I'm proud enough of to get printed. :(
3) Expensive!

3 has not yet been overcome, but the other two... sort of.
So, originality! My postcards are going to be square, (They'll be printed rectangular, but I'll trim them) and they're going to be black and white. Unfortunately, not going to save any money on the printing, BUT, there is method to my madness. All the images are really strong in black and white... and I'm getting a rubber stamp made up with my details on. This way, I can stamp on the back with a different colour ink every time, and use the same colour envelope, so that each time there's a different and pleasing theme to go along with them. I'm going to send them out in packs of four or five, with a business card chucked in as well... and hopefully... hopefully people will like me! Hm.
I've ordered the rubber stamp already, and I really hope it'll be as awesome as I'm hoping!
These are the images. (There's one more that for some reason won't load.)

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